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Contact your city and state representatives to demand:

  • a freeze of the $20 million in Pittsburgh Vertical Clearance Project funding;
  • repair, not replacement of the bridges, since their current height is grandfathered;
  • an investigation into Norfolk Southern’s rail and bridge inspection practices;
  • an investigation into the installation of the defective rail ties;
  • an Environmental Impact Study that includes air, noise and vibration;
  • records of the location and duration of idling trains;
  • distribution of the above results to the public;
  • implementation of Positive Train Control;
  • installation of safer electronic brakes;
  • installation of black carbon diesel pollution scrubbers on their locomotives;
  • creation of emergency response plans funded by Norfolk Southern;
  • enhanced oil spill regulations;
  • diesel pollution reduction grants;
  • a true public town hall meeting; and
  • negotiation with neighborhood organizations and Rail Pollution Protection Pittsburgh

Click this link to find your elected officials.

Here are two letters to send:

Regarding railroad safety: https://bit.ly/2N3ePUP

Regarding diesel emissions reduction funding: https://bit.ly/38FWe9B

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