How the Southside Works Solved their Double-Stacked Problem

When the Southside Works was under construction, the railroad agreed to bury their rail line.

They increased the vertical clearance inside the 1,600 linear-foot-long stretch of the tracks, relocating utilities, improving drainage, and removing overhead structures near both tunnel portals.

Southside Works 1
Southside Works 2

Look how beautiful!

This might be an option to cover the trough and ‘heal the wound’ that now cuts through Allegheny Commons.

2 thoughts on “How the Southside Works Solved their Double-Stacked Problem

  1. The tunnel in the photos was already there from the days when the site was a steel mill, with the green space built over it when the South Side Works was developed. The tunnel height was raised as part of a project CSX had so it oculd run double stacks through Pittsburgh. This is the Pittsburgh Subdivision of CSX, not Norfolk Southern.

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